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I recently purchased a used Lionel 0-6-0 Dockside loco 6-28624 which has a problem with the directional lighting. When in forward mode, the rear light is active and when in reverse mode the forward light is active. Has anyone experienced this issue and are there suggestions as to a simple fix? Thanks.

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I suspect someone rolled the lamp wires on the lighting board.

Here is the link to the LL website showing the board (#6 on the photo)

Getting into the docksider can be interesting...take a few photos with your phone as you pull parts off, so you will know how they all go back together.  It's not as bad as the old K-line 0-4-0 Porter for repairs , but can still be a handful.




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I had purchased two of the first series of this locomotive (Reading) back in late 2003 or early 2004.  They cost $90.00 each. It is actually a saddle tank locomotive with it's water tank wrapped around it's boiler. This little engine is very amazing as one can pull around 20 freight cars. Earlier this year one of them started to run slower and slower until it would only run in reverse. Then smoke started to come out from inside the boiler. I disassembled the locomotive and found that the large item on the reverse board was getting very hot and would start to smoke. It was suggested to me by a member of the Lionel Service Department that I try and find another locomotive rather then send it to them for servicing since the cost of replacing the board, labor and shipping would be about the same as purchasing a new one. It was suggested that I contact the dealer in the Scranton, PA. area which I did and they did have a new one so I purchased it and now the one that I replaced makes a nice paper weight. It is true that this locomotive is not easy to reassemble but since I have been servicing my locomotive fleet since 1955 I have had at least one locomotive from the 1950s that is the most difficult to reassemble. It is the 2035 2-6-4 from 1950-1951. In 1953 Lionel introduced the model 2055 which is easy to reassemble compared to the 2035 and it's early versions the 2025 and 675.

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