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I am new to this Forum so I trust this is appropriate. My Lionel 2046W Tender suffered a fall from table height. The mounting tab, part of the frame, broke off at the bend line of the sheet metal. Rather than rebuild the tender from frame up, I would like to re-attach the tab. I believe I could create a fillet of JB KwikWeld epoxy and secure the tab in place. I have considered soft solder and 40W soldering iron but concerned about applying much heat. Suggestions appreciated and Thanks.


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My approach would be to cut a small, thin piece of sheet metal not quite as wide as the tab and about 1" long. Then epoxy the tab to one end of it so that the tab just sticks out a little from the end of the metal piece (if you can cut one end of the piece to the same shape and dimensions of the tab, so much the better). Once the tab is epoxied to one end of the piece, drill out the hole through the piece to match the hole in the tab.

Then, trial fit the other end of the piece under the frame so that the tab sits flush with where it broke off. You may need to do a little grinding with a Dremel to make the tab fit flush against the frame. 

Once you're satisfied with the fit, just epoxy the other end of the piece to the underside of the frame and you should be good to go.

I wouldn't use epoxy on it. Get a second black oxide screw.

Make a right angle sheet metal tab with a hole on each leg slightly smaller than the two screws.

Remove the truck and drill a hole in the bottom of the frame to attach to the bottom of the new tab to hold it in place.

Attach the body to the right angle of the tab that is sticking up with the other screw.

You won't even see the head of the small screw above the truck.


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