Lionel #6-18079 New York Central 2-8-2 Mikado

Looking for a Lionel #6-18079 New York Central 2-8-2 Mikado. Just missed one on eBay. E-Mail is in profile. Thanks!


Features: Powerful Pittman Motor, R12R reverse unit for use with Trainmaster Command model railroad control system, Smoke generator that produces clean, safe, realistic smoke, Die Cast Electrocoupler (rear of tender), Odyssey System Speed Control, Railsounds digital sound system, Brilliant Headlight and Marker Lights, CrewTalk and TowerCom in command, Tire Traction, Directional Lighting, Fire Box Glow


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A friend has one of these and it appears to be a vary 'dated' piece, especially at what these sellers are asking. Detail is not 'crisp' and the sounds are older as is the smoke system.

Have you looked at the newly released Lionel Legacy Mikados? Great detail and state of the art electronics. Don't know if they offer a NYC version but a little spray paint and decals can work wonders....

I have one of these and they are pretty dated.  The sounds are just ok, not great.  Not too much detail.  I have repainted it to the Pere Marquette RR and have added a real coal load.  It isn't too bad but I would look for a more modern piece.

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One of those 4 eBay selections is used/make offer - I'd contact the seller, and ask him/her for the absolute lowest they'll accept, and then decide if it's worth it to you to buy.  Nice part is, it's used, and you can run it to verify satisfactory operating characteristics.

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Ok, I'm not going to start anything... but if you're looking at Lionel Mikados with TMCC/RS, then I would also look into K-Line Mikados... W/ TMCC/RS...


The K-Line was a lot less than the compariable Lionel (I got it nearly new for ~$300).





Here's a comparison...


K-Line Mikado...



Lionel Mikado Jr...

Lionel NYC 2-8-2 Mikado Jr. #1842


I have the K-Line Mikado 3670-1838CC (#1838) and the Lionel Mikado Jr (#1842) and when I run them doubleheading, the K-Line is in the lead...


Does anyone know if the Lionel #1838 used the same tooling as the K-Line #1838?


What is curious, is that if you look at some videos of NYC Mikados, some had the bell on the top of the boiler, and some had them on the front of the boiler.





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