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I have had this locomotive for a number of years and had zero problems.  When I tried to run it today the sounds came on immediately when power was applied and it does not respond to the CAB2.  When I move the program switch to program and applied power, it immediately started the sound.  Disconnecting the Legacy base, I can run it in conventional.  All other Legacy locomotives work, so it is not the base or connections.

With TMCC this behavior would be a bad antenna connection or a problem with the radio board.  I opened the locomotive and the antenna is connected correctly.   Looking at parts for this engine there are two boards listed that might be the problem: First; 692RCMC430 listed as “RCMC/receiver/driver/SD70 Ace/6-39596, the second is; 691RCVRB01 “Receiver board/RCMC.

I suspect that the 691RCVRB01 is correct since it seems to be specific to the model I have.  I sent an email to Lionel asking about it (it says to contact Lionel) but the answer I got was that they do not do out of warranty repairs and listed some people who do.

Does anyone know for sure which board is needed?  I would like to call Lionel and order the specific board.


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A physical inspection should be first before ordering anything.

Sadly, Lionel doesn't sell the 691RCVRB01 separately anymore, and if anything that would be the problem board.  The 692RCMC430 is the complete RCMC and TMCC receiver assembly, likely overkill to fix this problem, but it may be the only game in town.

I'd first check and see if the 691RCVRB01 board has simply become dislodged from the RCMC main board, those earlier RCMC equipped engines didn't solder them together.  Also, I've had a couple that had a broken pin, easily repaired, and all was well.  Also, make sure the antenna plug that goes to the little TMCC receiver is connected and the antenna isn't shorted to frame ground.

I had one with some broken pins. Lionel 10 Wheeler. It was an auction purchase. Tested and all was well. Removed the shell for re numbering and weathering. Put it back together and it was dead in the water. When I went to reseat the board. I discovered the broken pins. They do appear fragile as John mentioned. I found matching ones on eBay and had a friend with better soldering skills than me do the repair. The soldering didn’t scare me off. It was the desoldering without wrecking the board.

You misunderstand Dave.  I was talking about the new part you'd buy from them.  There are a handful of RCMC board versions, each has been used in many products.  For a given board version, the only difference is programming of the RCMC for the specific locomotive.  Unless they're really out of that specific board version, they should be able to "make" one.  They have even done this for much older RailSounds 4 boards, so it's pretty hard to believe they can't do it for this engine.

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