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For sale is a Lionel Lackawanna Camelback w/ TMCC. Engines runs great and is in excellent condition. These are hard to come by in this road name and not offered in the new legacy version. $375 plus actual shipping


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  • 0E19FD69-40C8-47D1-95A6-EC2FBA3A5443
  • 97FA9FC0-C901-44AB-BFF5-C4D1F9427E81
  • B2A7E775-9590-4DA7-96F4-0CD768257EB8
  • 47AF3408-B351-462D-9899-6E46F275DE38
  • 532D2CC2-4BB7-4A79-959B-F9DC71412952
  • 715B7031-2B12-4B1C-905F-F0E41F3DA138
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