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Had a great time today visiting the LOTS market place in Manchester NH with my friend Jim Lawson.

Found no locomotives or rolling stock, yet ended up with a big smile on my face having acquired 3 great railroad books, a Hoge station, a Barclay skier with skis, and best of all the Marx City Airport from the 1930s--all at super prices.  I wasn't sure how to shoehorn the airport into either my Dublo or O Gauge layouts, but then I had the idea to drop it into my Biller layout and here it is. Enjoy.


Lew SchneiderMarx Airport, Brimtoy,Hoge, Kibri, Biller,Bing,Fisher 1Marx Airport et. al


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  • Marx Airport, Brimtoy,Hoge, Kibri, Biller,Bing,Fisher 1
  • Marx Airport et. al
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Lew!    The airport you bought from me look GREAT!

I am really happy to see it in your set up. 

Makes my day and documents  the LOTS show a BIG success story from my view.

Thanks for the photos. Awesome. Airport fits beautifully.

Very wonderful to meet you and Jim.

Happiness is the smile on attendees  faces.


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