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Back in time about 1998 Lionel imported 500 brass 20th Century Hudsons locomotives. I noticed they numbered them with a unique number each of 500 individually with a plac on the wooden case. Does anybody happen to know how many were made in 2 rail and 3 rail? Same question for the 20th Century sets i.e. how many sets were imported in 2 rail and 3 rail?

Thanks in advance. Sam Shumaker

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I believe that the passenger sets were only made in 2 rail. All of the information you are looking for is already on the OGR forum. I do not remember what the title is but there is already a very detailed thread on OGR all about the Lionel Smithsonian hudsons. It had pictures of the original brochures and would no doubt be able to answer any questions you may have. Try searching "Lionel Smithsonian" and you may find it. 

Here is the address to the brochure...

Here is the address to the topic I had mentioned...

I hope this is helpful. Also if you are looking for a nice 20th century limited set to operate, you may want to check out the sunset models / Golden Gate Depot set. There are a few videos of mine running on my YouTube page. 

The Smithsonian has the pedigree but the Williams Masterpiece Dreyfuss is identical save the motor and electronics. Here is their Masterpiece J3a shell on a repainted Dreyfuss chassis. I considered turning this into a Super Hudson and may still if I can find a proper Selkirk front.

D, I also have a basket Dreyfuss if you need any body parts. Pretty beat up but who knows.



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