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I’m looking for a 691dsmkc01 smoke unit. Mine does not work; I received it this way when i bought and I didn’t know it wasn't working. It took me 2 years before I was able to hook it up and test it. I tried everything; checked all the connections,  replaced all the motors resistors, everything and i get nothing. The smoke is turned on and it gets  power at the plugs but through the board, theres nothing and I tested also the smoke for whistle and it is the same. I  get power going into board but nothing comes out through the board so it needs to be replaced.  I’m hoping someone has one for me?
Please let me know and thanks.


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Are you talking about the resistors where they go into the bowl that produce the smoke i replaced both resistors as i thought maybe that was the problem before i checked to see if they had power then i checked to see if power was going to them throu the board and found out there was no power to the resistors so there for they wont heat up to get smoke

Did you ring out from the resistors to the connectors on the PCB?  It should be a straight wire!  I haven't seen that PCB bad unless there was really obvious cooking and bubbling of the traces, they aren't a high failure item.  If you can't see any physical damage, the chances of both heaters having broken traces just ain't high on the list of possibilities!

What do u mean by ring out

The term “ring out” goes back to when some simple continuity testers used a light bulb or buzzer (sonolert) that would make a noise if the circuit was not broken. No sound or light meant it was an open circuit. Your modern multimeter may have a position that will do the same thing. It allows you test without having to constantly look back at the meter.

When you see the term used you know the writer is older than dirt. Applies to those as well who know what it means.


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