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Welcome to O Gauge Union Pacific.  I collect O scale Union Pacific engines and rolling stock. 3 rail and 2 rail.

I know there's a lot of other great UP stuff out there........ I'd like to see what you have...I'm sure some other's who follow this post would as well.  So let's see those pics!

Original post:

I'm in between layouts right now.  Which means lots of stuff in boxes and no fun.  Until I have more time I'm reduced to taking out an item or few to look at then putting them back.  Looking forward to Spring and a little extra free-time.  Meanwhile just some picks in case any other UP fans are longing......


Lionel JLC Legacy Big Boy 6-11126


Lionel Legacy 4-12-2 6-11342


Lionel Legacy Lionmaster Challenger 6-11200



Lionel 4-12-2 6-11342

Lionel JLC Big Boy 6-11126

Lionel Lionmaster Challenger 6-11200

Lionel Union Pacific.0

Lionel Union Pacific.4

Lionel Union Pacific.6

Lionel Union Pacific.7

Lionel Union Pacific.8


Photos (8)
Original Post

I have the same situation.  All of my nice trains are sitting in boxes.  Been buying track for the new layout, but have a lot more to buy.  In the mean time, I have been thinking of building my roundhouse area.  


I love UP steam. I own mostly that.  From time to time I'll pull them out of the boxes and stare at them.  Day dream of when I can watch my Big Boys/Challengers pull all my reefers or watch my H7 pull coal cars.  Or how about an FEF pulling scale cars around wide radius curves? 


Anyway, I really enjoyed the pictures!


Originally Posted by 86TA355SR:

I have the same situation.  All of my nice trains are sitting in boxes.  Been buying track for the new layout, but have a lot more to buy.  In the mean time, I have been thinking of building my roundhouse area.  


I love UP steam. I own mostly that.  From time to time I'll pull them out of the boxes and stare at them.  Day dream of when I can watch my Big Boys/Challengers pull all my reefers or watch my H7 pull coal cars.  Or how about an FEF pulling scale cars around wide radius curves? 


Anyway, I really enjoyed the pictures!


Well if you're buying Atlas O track I probably just beat you to Robert's sale of 40" Straights on the for sale forum.

I've thought about the new Legacy H7 why don't you post some pictures here. I'd like to see some close up.




I can't tell you how the H7 looks.  I bought it a month ago and haven't had time to get it out of the box.

I think that observation is one of the funniest things about this hobby. I did exactly the same thing when I picked up the big boy last year.  I have yet to run it or the 4-12-2 either.  We get all excited...can't wait for the next catalog....when will my LHS have it???.....always looking for this old model or that...etc...you'd think we couldn't wait to tear it open right away..and yet somehow we don't.


It really makes me wonder just how many people on this forum have done the same thing and how many paid big bucks for basements/crawlspaces full of incredibly high priced un-opened boxes.  All the strategic thinking months or years ahead on acquisition and planning of layouts,... finding the time, ...wondering...am I ever really going to get this done???


Anyways.....Anybody else have some nice Lionel Union Pacific pics they want to share??

Originally Posted by WITZ 41:
Originally Posted by david1:

Gotta get them out of the box,

I see a common theme in this thread.....

There are a lot of guys like us!  


When time permits, I'll get the FEFs out and posted.  Slowly making my way to the H7.  Wife's been sick so that has priority.

The wife was sleeping for a while today, so....here are a few more! 


Lionel UP Vision Line Challenger #3989

Lionel UP 4-12-2, #9000 (TMCC Version).

Lionel UP FEF #844 (Grey scheme).

More to come, gotta dig out some more stuff.  This thread has made me realize how many UP engines and cars I've bought this year!  Still trying to get to the H-7 and the black FEF.


Enjoy the pictures.

Originally Posted by 86TA355SR:

The wife was sleeping for a while today, so....here are a few more! 



Lionel UP FEF #844 (Grey scheme).


If Lionel would just re-release this FEF in two-tone gray with the UP Aluminum (silver/white) stripes with different FEF-2 or FEF-3 cab numbers and some matching heavyweights.  I wouldn't be able to resist!

That would be a beautiful train.  I would like to see an FEF not previously done and the ability to remove the smoke deflectors if you preferred.  


A few engines I would love to see made in 3 rail (all UP of course!):




And an Early Challenger (3rd rail made one in 2002 but haven't been able to find one)

 Below is a clip from youtube that is a must see for any UP steam fan.  It is 2 rail and not my layout.  I posted it because I think a lot of people will enjoy this.

You should just call Scott and make him an offer on the Boneyard one. You never know.  It is a 10 year old model. If he does give you a break just don't ever tell, especially on this forum. You'd put him in a **** of a spot with the rest of us wolves.

Even at retail price there's an opportunity cost to think of.  3rd rail doesn't reissue engines the same way Lionel and MTH do. The model you want is not coming up for resale anywhere. A site like BrassTrains might charge an even larger premium. Sometimes satisfaction is not about the lowest price but more about getting exactly what you desire.

By the way...still waiting on pics from David1.

Any other Lionel UP fans with photos?

Here's the Lionel Legacy black FEF.  This one has never been ran, I can't wait to see it in action.  Speaking of which, I got a good deal on some nice UP passenger cars last week from a forum member. Will be a nice combo with the FEFs.


Today I made it to the H-7.  About to open it for the first time to get you all some pictures!  

Here you go, the long awaited Lionel H-7 photos are up!


Packaging is first rate.  A nice large label on the outer box.


This always makes me happy-a brand new engine is delivered in a damaged box! 


Not to mention someone writing on it.  At least I won't forget what is in the box! I don't care about the box too much, just the idea   


However, the engine doesn't appear to be damaged after a thorough inspection.   



Here are the tender pictures, it is an excellent piece! 


The coal load is fantastic, extremely well done.  As a matter of fact, I thought it was a separate, loose, coal load until touching it!


The 6 wheel trucks are well done also.  Beautiful castings.


For those of you wondering, there is a huge speaker in it (sorry, little out of focus).



Engine photos follow.


The separately applied details are very well done, in my opinion.  Adds greatly to the visual attraction of this engine.  Here you can see the piping, number boards, marker lights, builder's plate, and other items.



Brake hoses, 'scale' coupler and bell decorate the front of this engine.  And, no the door doesn't open, I tried 



Below, notice how the piping changes color slightly.  These are "bungee" like cords. They literally stretch and move with the front set of drivers.


Also, you can barely see the brake shoes.



Overhead view.  Note all the different details here-valves, piping, and whistles.  


If there is one thing I wish this engine had, it would be whistle smoke.  It would've looked good with a smoking whistle located far from the smoke stack.  Sure Lionel had a reason for this.  Not griping, it is a beautiful locomotive.



Cab area and details below.


The cab includes gauges, valves, cab curtains, and a folding walk way between the engine and tender.



Below you can see more nice details.  


The cab ventilation hatches slide to the rear of the engine.  They are independent of each other.  Nice touch.



Last overview shot:



Final thoughts on the Lionel Legacy Union Pacific H-7:


The fit and finish of this engine is excellent and well executed.  I didn't find any paint errors on either the locomotive or the tender.  The lettering is applied nice and crisp.  Details are fantastic and well done.  It is a nice mix of details without being so fragile you are afraid to touch it.  I like that.


It is a 'heavy weight'!  Engine and tender weigh in at over 12 pounds on my digital scale.  Be very careful while handling it, small details abound.  


I have no insights into operation.  I don't have a layout and still waiting on the Legacy 990.  If you want to see the product video, Lionel has it posted on youtube. I will say this, if it runs as nice as it looks, we are in for a treat!  After watching Lionel's product video, it sounds/smokes great.  And, the 'intensity chuffing' effect is incredible!


My H-7 will be pulling 45 period correct, scale, coal hoppers when the layout is built. I plan on it being a layout 'star'.   It'll look great pulling long trains.


After purchasing several Big Boys and Challengers, the H-7 is a fresh face in the commonly produced large articulated steamers.  Its 2-8-8-2 wheel arrangement, tender with 6 wheel trucks and unique shape adds to the appeal of this large steamer.  It would be hard to go wrong with this engine.  And, I haven't ran it yet!


Hope you enjoy the photos and I highly recommend it-based on appearance alone!

Originally Posted by WITZ 41:

I'm really sorry about that FEF, you'll never be happy with it. 


You should just save yourself the dissapointment and sell it to me right away!


Witz, if I see one for sale, I'll let you know.  But for now, this one is staying put 


Originally Posted by Laidoffsick:

I think my FEF is the best sounding engine of all of them. You're really gonna like the sound of that one.

Great to hear!  Hope the layout is coming along !



I am glad I got off my butt today and went through some train boxes.  You motivated me.  Besides getting to look at some of my favorite Union Pacific trains, I spent time to document some of the stuff.  I did this for 2 reasons: I can't remember what I have (primary reason)and documentation for the insurance company.  Finally decided to insure my high end pieces-just in case something happens.


Lionel Vision Line Challenger (Grey scheme):



Exciting box, right?  Truth is, I've never saw it myself.  Bought it from a forum member here and it is mint, never been out of the sealed carton.  Plan on opening it up when the layout is built.


Lionel Aux Tenders:  



Buried in boxes were a yellow TMCC version and a black Legacy one. Both have never been ran.


I've never desired these much, but after buying them, I am really glad I picked them up from a forum member. Heavy!  Real nice pieces!


Interesting discovery-the yellow one is made in Korea and the black one in China. Lionel also changed the foam packing, the yellow one is commonly saw with broken railings.  I can see why after looking at the packaging.  


I bought the yellow one for my FEFs and the black one to match the Vision Line Black Challenger.  


I didn't buy the grey Legacy one, just didn't like it.  Besides, I love either FEF with the yellow aux tender.  Plan to run the yellow one on my FEF passenger train and I probably won't use the black one.  May display it at the roundhouse.


Lionel PFE Reefers:



I didn't realize how many of these I've bought!  I am only missing a few sets and I am searching for them.  Love the Lionel reefers, they are very nice pieces.  Careful searching will net you ones in the $30-$40 range (in new condition).  Well worth it in my opinion.


Plan to have my Big Boys/Challengers pulling long reefer trains on the new layout.  


There is a lot more UP stuff, but all I had time for today.  


Future plans include a Vision Line Big Boy, depending on price.  I suspect Lionel will make some more PFE reefers and I'll probably buy them.  Not much on diesels, but I'd like to get a Lionel UP Veranada Turbine. 


I'm done posting, sorry I hi-jacked your thread!  Felt good to see my trains again and share with you all.  


I am still waiting for David1 to post his UP engines.  Tick Tock, tick tock....




Originally Posted by 86TA355SR:


I'm done posting, sorry I hi-jacked your thread!  Felt good to see my trains again and share with you all.  

The H7 looks great.  I've been on the fence and figured I'd pass but now I might be re-considering, just waiting to see what's in the catalog before I consider my next acquisitions.


Otherwise...No worries, don't apologize..keep on posting.  I enjoy seeing good photos of what I don't have but might like.


The thread is called Lionel Union Pacific


It's in the Photo Album forum so posting pictures is kind of the point. 


Besides..I think were the only two people paying attention to it anyway.


Oh, and for the pre-requisite picture, here's an older one of the Fast Freight Set Jr. Berkshire "Santa" brought for my son a two Christmas' ago.   Doesn't satisfy the prototypical modeller in me but the kid in me enjoys it almost as much as my son does.



UP 2314


Photos (1)

That's the great thing about playing with toy trains.  Doesn't matter, still fun to twist the throttle and watch them run.  It still fascinates me after all these years.  I love the big scale locomotives, but like you and your son, I have a soft spot for semi-scale stuff also.  I love my PW steamers, still some of my favorites to run. 


2 Christmas ago, my dad, now 73, gave me a NYC Hudson set.  He has no idea about my UP fix (AKA addiction!).  Got to admit, not real excited when I first saw NYC. But guess what?  I've had a blast with it!  Great sounds, smoke, and my 100 pound Lab goes nuts when I fire it up!  He barks and does a

dance' as it runs about the track.  Always makes me smile.


I'll see what else I have and post some more for you.  I know there is a few more steamers somewhere.


Wish I would've bought the Legacy 4-12-2 listed in the sale forum last week.  It was #9004 like yours.  Looking at videos on youtube of the Legacy and TMCC versions, they are worlds apart.  If Lionel would have done the #9004 with the 'early shield' tender, I would already own it.  Love the sound and whistle steam over the one I own.


If you decide to find an H-7, there was a NIB one listed last week in the sale section.  Might be worth a look.


I'll keep an eye out for an FEF.  You want a black or grey one?  Or both?


Like you, I am patiently waiting to see the new Lionel catalog.  It'll affect my purchase decisions this year.  I am scaling way back.  Focus is on the layout now. There is only one engine I have to own, and I am searching for it.  The VL BB has peaked my interest because I am a UP freak or I would have passed.


You get some time, post some more of your UP stuff.  I'd like to see it.



Originally Posted by Laidoffsick:

You've got a LOT of big steam in your collection. I see a big layout with huge engine service facilities in your future???

Thanks Laidoffsick!  I hope to have a Millhouse TT and nice RH/facility like yours for my new layout.  I read your answer in the layout update thread, thanks for the info.


The great mystery at my house today is where a few of my other steamers are at.  I thought I had a UP 2-8-2 Mikado.  No where to be found...


I try to only buy Lionel steamers.  There is 1 reason for this:  It limits me to only one manufacturer (fewer temptations to buy).  


Rolling stock is another matter though.  I buy anything I like and I noticed today I have more MTH UP cars than Lionel.  


Lionel UP Dash 8-40C (6-18205)


From 1989, this was my dream locomotive as a kid.  I found one in 2006 at a train show and got a good deal on it.  The only Lionel diesel I own.  


Lionel UP Caboose (6-19706)


Spent the next 8 years casually looking for the matching caboose.  The OGR Forum came through on this one!  I like the smoke also!


Lionel UP Die-cast Metal 3 bay hoppers (6-11894)



These hoppers came in a 3 car set.  There was also an additional car made the same year.  They are very high quality, excellent pieces.  Heavy too.



Ok guys I need some advice, I have most of the Lionel scale steam engines in Union pacific. 


I have a WP legacy EM1 that I am thinking of changing the tender to Union Pacific. The cab number will stay the same. 


What do you guys think? I know the UP never had a EM1 but then again neither did the WP but the engine runs so great has great sounds And has whistle smoke. 


Need your thoughts?



The great thing about this hobby is you can do anything you want 


I don't take this stuff too serious, so if you think it would be cool, do it.  If you don't like it, you can undo it.  Post pictures here, so we can see it!


If you ever sell your #3985 (you KNOW the ONE) make sure and let me know.


Also, do you have a JLC grey Challenger?  I would like to see pictures of one.


By the way everyone, my scale MTH UP passenger cars arrived today from a forum member.  Outstanding!  For the money involved, I couldn't have done better in my opinion.  Though I love the Lionel UP passenger cars, I just can't bring myself to pull the trigger.



Got my JLC Big Boy out of the box onto the test track.  Fantastic, blown away by it. First time I've ever saw one of my engines run!  


I wanted to post a picture, but Flickr changed everything and I can't figure out how to use it for photos here.  They made it 'better'   


Now, I am really looking forward to the Vision Line Big Boy!  Wish it was 4th qtr!


Next was my JLC Challenger.  Disappointed, a lot of problems so far.  Sure I'll get it working, but frustrating to say the least.


Also ran my 4-12-2 and Vision Line Challenger (Black)-what an awesome locomotive! I can't wait to see this one pulling a lot of reefers!  And, the sounds are incredible.


Finally found a 3rd Rail Early Challenger!  I love it. I've got plans for it, smoke/sound upgrades.  Hard to choose a favorite of what I've ran so far.


Plan to order my VL reefers/standard reefers and caboose in the next few days. Great time to be a UP steam freak!


Glad to see the Legacy Y-3 wasn't 'built to order'.  I would like to have one if I can find a good deal.  Not on my 'must have' list.






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Originally Posted by david1:

Congrats on the big boy, it's a great engine. It seems we have most of the same engines and we ordered the exact same thing, amazing.


when posting pictures try Picasa, it works and if I can use it, it must be easy.

I know!  We have a weakness for UP steam! 

I'll have to look at Picasa.  Thanks for the information.

Originally Posted by 86TA355SR:

Glad to see the Legacy Y-3 wasn't 'built to order'.  I would like to have one if I can find a good deal.  Not on my 'must have' list.


I was able to get a great deal from a Forum Sponsor, so I added the Y-3.


Lionel UP USRA 2-8-8-2 Y-3 (6-11446).







Changed the lighting to reveal the details;





Front end details, the whole locomotive has a massive look.  Completely different than the massive look of other Articulates. 





The Y-3 wasn't on my 'must have' list.  However, I'm glad I got it now.  Actually, I could have bought a TMCC one last year, but passed due to other engines I wanted (FEFs, Challengers, etc).  So, when I found this Legacy version on sale, I bought it.  Member david1 spoke highly of this locomotive.


I know this is a Lionel UP thread, but this next car is so beautiful I don't think you guys will mind the "intruder" 


MTH "FLAG" Heritage Baggage Car:






When this car was released by MTH, I wasn't back into trains yet.  I first saw it on a youtube video by a forum member demonstrating his VL Challenger.  I was in love with this car instantly and have been searching heavily for it.  Bid on one last February until it got stupid.  Put a "WTB" ad on the Forum and a nice member contacted me about owning it, wasn't sure if he wanted to sell.  The bonus was he had the door painted, not the stock yellow door.  A few 'sharks' soon appeared in my thread.  A few months went by and the original owner contacted me again, he made me a deal and it arrived last week.  


It is a beautiful car.  BNIB, never ran, and painted by an OGR Forum member-it couldn't have been better!


Since I bought the car, I went ahead and ordered the new MTH "Flag" Aux Tender-they'll be a great combo.


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