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really confused about the lionel voice recording feature in the new lionchief sets and engines with bluetooth 5.0

i am getting my catalog in the next 48 hours

it says you can record your own announcements into the engine

how does this work ? can i change my voice and have different dialect or make the voice female ?

how do you delete recordings ? how many recording can you have on one engine ? do they erase when the engine loses power ?

when you record do you still have the factory announcements mixed with your custom ones?

sorry for all the questions and if this thread is wrong in any way

i'm just excited for the new feature as it will allow me to use dialog specific to my railroad

i hope ryan or dave can help maybe make a video explaining it

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I suspect the audio file would be stored on the phone and only sent to the engine via Bluetooth when needed like a Bluetooth speaker system.  I doubt there is much to edit or change your voice within the app but I suppose one could edit a clip and store it on the app and use it.  I imagine Dave is chomping at the bit to demonstrate this feature.

It seems similar to MTH's protocast which I never used.  I can see the kids having a lot of fun with it though.

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I am amazed that a good many people think the Voice in the new Lionel is such an amazingly new thing. MTH has had the mic on the handheld for years. You can talk directly from the engine or as Marty says do recording in Protocast. My Grandson has been enjoying it for years when he comes to our home. That was one of the features that drew him in when he was 3. I am just glad Lionel finally added it to their system as at his house he only has Lionchief, PS1 and conventional PW. The past three months his father and him finally started a large 12'x12' layout and he is having a blast. This will extremely add to his fun at home when he gets a Lionel engine that can use it.

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