I have an KW that I want to have reconditioned before I pass it on to some young ones.  I used Ken Koehler for a previous KW but he is no longer with us.


Jim Pattison 

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Chinatrain99,  Last time I did one it was less than $100 which is still the case on one repair person's web page (he though is taking a break until May of this year)

Great Question, is it possible to have a CW80 transformer repaired? It would be nice if possible. Happy Railroading 

Harry Lutz who is west of  Allentown PA.  Harry does excellent Lionel transformer rebuild and modification work at reasonable prices. He can replace the rollers, power cords, upgrade to solid state diodes and even cure the humming problem on older ZW units

610-442-9620   Harryflutz@aol.com

I think Trainworld in Lynbrook does transformer repair for a reasonable cost. Several years ago they reconditioned n old Lionel TW for something like $59 which was a standard charged at the time. I don't know what they charge now but its worth a call.


Guys ...

Glad to hear there are several other transformer service pros out there in Lionel Land.  About "repairing" a Lionel CW80 ...  as I understand it, a faulty device is not fixable.  Lionel suggests:

   1)  cut the power plug off
   2) return it to them for a replacement.

Mike Mottler    LCCA 12394

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