Looking forward to viewing the NS Heritage SD70ACe's

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October is looking to be an expensive (but fun!) month. 2-8-8-2s, U33s, and SD70ace all slated for next month! (insert wiseass production delay comment here) Ben

It really won't bother me if there's some delays.  My wallet got hit with some pretty big real world cashendectomies over the past few months.  It could use a break...



Just recieved the latest copy of the Sgaugian magazine and on the inside rear cover an ad for Lionel AF:


SD70ACE's in NS heritage colors both hirail & scale, powered and non-powered.

CNJ,DL&W,Erie,PC,NYC and Illinois terminal.


ad states "DCC enabled, choose Lionel Legacy for great features and smooth performance or choose DCC operation to fit your DCC equipped layout"


also listed more scale NS heritage cylindrical hoppers:


NS,CNJ,NYC,Erie,DL&W, PC and IT. 



I mentioned this on the other thread, but for those specifically interested in Norfolk Southern Heritage units from Lionel... it does appear that Lionel is offering two powered units and one dummy unit for each heritage road name.  MTH chose to go the route of offering only ONE powered unit of each road name -- just like the prototype.



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