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In about 1995, Marx Trains introduced the 3/16 scale Western Pacific Boxcar. These were orange with black feathers. They came with four road numbers, 3030 thru 3033. Off the top of my head, the PRR boxcars were the only others that came in varying numbers. Also in 1995, Marx Trains introduced it's first boxed set, a Rock Island freight set. To celebrate the introduction of boxed sets, all the items were black with white markings so a limited number of white Western Pacific boxcars were produced for these sets. A "special" was also issued in blue, I believe these were supposed to be dealer sale item and not available on their website. Finding all four numbers of the white and blue can be quite challenging. Not to many years ago, the white and blue were selling for near $300. Now still hard to find, but the prices have dropped drastically, under $100.00.



Marx Trains WP Boxcars, OrangeMarx Trains WP Boxcars, whiteMarx Trains WP Boxcars, blue


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  • Marx Trains WP Boxcars, Orange
  • Marx Trains WP Boxcars, white
  • Marx Trains WP Boxcars, blue
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