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JML: You should check out the S Scale Resource online magazine.  It's free and full of layout ideas and products.

There is a link in the current (Dec. 2020/January 2021) issue, on page 18, where you can access all their back issues as well. is their sister magazine which always includes lots of ideas too.


I was surprised by the amount of railroading I was able to fit into a 4x7 space using standard American Flyer track.  The plan is a folded over and under which allows for a longer running distance with a short  passing siding (long enough for a locomotive and two passenger cars or three freight cars) and yard with two sidings.  The grades are rather steep but not a problem with the short trains. There is room for a few operating accessories,  a town, a farm, a bridge and a tunnel. This fills ...20201223_18415620201223_185837...the last open space in the basement that wasn't occupied by the HO layout or the O gauge setup.  A far larger space would have been nice but this little layout has been fun to build and play with. I had never  considered S gauge until I found an old American Flyer set for $10 at a yard sale. After I got it running and first  heard the chugging and saw the smoke blowing like crazy I was hooked.


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Hi again JML.  I've long considered, but never put into action, building the first layout that the master HO builder John Allen constructed which he dubbed Gorre & Daphetid in S scale.  The original GD LINE layout was small and would only take locomotives and equipment that would operate on this compact layout.  John rostered the "standard" steam locomotive that became popular with most model railroaders in the late 40s/early 50s, the Varney B&O 0-4-0 "Dockside".  

I Googled Gorre & Daphetid and brought up a wealth of sutff related to the GD LINE including THE site of sites at

The man, John Allen, and the HO scale railroad he built, G&D, both became legends in their own time and continue to remain popular in Century 21 as well.

Check this all out.  There are video clips of the GD LINE as well which should give you additional ideas as to what you are considering to do in regards to a layout.  Health permitting, my dream to construct the compact G&D in S scale remains a Must Do at the top of my Hope List.

Mark: Man, I'm in love with your layout!  The video clip really is neat in it's own way.  Now it is EZ to visualize what a compact GD LINE layout might well look like in S scale.

Note: I'm not a rivet counter to the point everything has to be right down to scale.  The enginehouse offered by Menards (Reg.U.S.Pat.Off.) is a 99% duplicate of John's that he scratchbuilt for the original G&D.  OK, so it's "O" scale; I still intend to incorporate it on my layout just the same.

Remember: Model Railroading is still FUN, and be sure to do it your way, from the Get Go!


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