If you bought an S scale depressed center flat car with an industrial transformer load at last month's O scale west, and did not get the cooling fins for the transformer, I have good news. My friend who bought a car and transformer ended up getting two sets of cooling fins.

We don't know the name of the gentleman who had the cars made up, or we would contact him. He was in the first or second row of sellers, towards the end of the hall that had the magazine publishers. He had several sets of depressed center flat cars with Kaydee couplers and industrial transformer loads and external cooling fins, all packaged separately.

We don't know of anyone else who bought a car, so we cannot contact them.

If you know the name of the seller, or if you know the name of someone who bought a car and transformer, but did not get the cooling fins, please contact me via my email in my profile. I will put you in touch with my friend and he will send the cooling fins to you.

Thanks everyone for any assistance you might give. And thanks to my friend for being so honest as to report the problem and so generous as to offer to send the parts to the right person.


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