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The attached PDF document shows, step by step, a way to modify Lionel No. 260 bumpers to convert from incandescent bulb to LED and to fit Lionel FasTrack.

I got the idea from this posting:  but the photos no longer show there.

I wanted rugged bumpers for a children's layout for a railroad museum and the FasTrack bumpers just looked too fragile.  Also, there are reports that the LED electrical connection is very unreliable.

Here is the finished result.  It is VERY solidly mounted to the track at all four corners.  (Orange colored light is just a camera artifact - it glows red.)

Bumper 16 - LoRes


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Step by Step Illustrated Procedure
Original Post

Nice work Chuck.  I don’t have any of the No. 260 bumpers, however, I really like the look of them.  I’ve purchased a few of the LED bumpers, but planned on using the “wood” bumpers primarily.  I’ll now have to look for a few No. 260s to try.

i appreciate the effort and excellent instructional PDF.

Have a good 4th!

I went to the link to the posting on the CTT forum and it was by @M. Mitchell Marmel. Funny all the guys who at one time posted over there and don't so much anymore. 

Well, without going into that, here's another idea from Mitchell that was posted on this forum. Another variation using instead MARX plastic bumpers, or you could use the repro K-Line made ones I would suppose.

Nice job too, Chuck on the PDF instructions for the modification you made on the Lionel 260 for FasTrack. The bumper track piece for FasTrack may indeed, look more realistic, but I have heard too many comments about them breaking far too easily. On the other hand, those postwar 260's will certainly hold out.

A coat of black paint on the Lionel 260 bumper might call a little less attention to its' obvious less realistic looks, if that bothered anyone.

Bravo!  Took my idea and vastly improved it!   I think I may do a hybrid of your ideas and mine, as I still like the concept of having removable bulbs, whether they be LEDs or incandescents... 


As you probably know they do have direct fit led bulbs to replace the original bulbs, although the light pattern is not as full as the standard incandescent bulb so it does not appear quite as bright. Still I have replaced one of my 260 unit incandescent bulbs with that led bulb. The other 260 bulb for some reason never lit as brightly as the other unit and I left the original incandescent bulb in so both units light brightness appear about the same now. 

I have Fastrack, but I took a different route and used a Lionel Fastrack adapter to a small section of tube track so no modifications were needed to my Fastrack.

Below is how the led bulb looks.



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