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Hi Subway Experts:

I have an MTA logo question.

MTH has some R12 sets currently, of course absent logos. I'm not certain which would be the correct logo for these:

--The LEX 5 set, delivered I think to NY in late 40s.  Would that have the black/blue M logo? Or perhaps the red blue TA logo, like the World's Fair blue 7 train? Or, did the MTA change out the logo on these blue/silver R12s as the years went on, meaning it varied depending on how long train was in service?

--The R12 Flushing set. Same questions.

Thanks in advance!



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@Former Member posted:

Here`s a guy i use out here on Long Island-

Just an FYI. -

I.M.W. M's are either too small or too large for R-12's. Also RailKing shells are larger than true O scale so a measurement in true O scale " will be incorrect. You will have to make them unless Joe provides a mid size in the future. I asked him 2 years prior to the 12s' arrival, but  I believe the hold up back then was that the raised number board was in the way. MTH removed those old outdated bds. at my request on the new 12's.

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Steve is correct about the size of the Island Model Works logos.  You get two sizes and one is too small and one is too big  Here is the M in the bigger version on an R26  You can see its way too big


This is an IMW smal MTA logo on an R142  You can see its way too small


This is a TA logo a friend of mine made that is on vinyl  It is the correct size


This is a Staten Island M logo a friend made that is correct size



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