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Hey Matt ,

I have the RK Imperial Proto 3 B&O  B6  model # 30-1570.     I liked the cab roof color on the Pennsy Proto 2 model but cash flow didn't allow me to take  a second B6 home. 😕

It's a hefty little thing and it has run really well for me. No problem running through 031 switches .  Smokes great and good sound.   It came with an engineer .     I didnt see an engineer in the 30- 1170 ,but I'm sure it wouldn't take much to put one in the cab.     Definitely good to see you are getting the EBL battery ready for it .

Details can be added like a real coal load or additional piping.   There are different videos and images of the B6 for examples.

I imagine your B6 might be the same casting as the one I have .  The MTH RK B6 is actually a  " Scale "  ( 1/48 ) size loco like their Premier line.   Next to the other RK steamers on the layout, it does look a little large but I wouldn't give it up for anything.

Have fun and be safe Matt. 😷





It should run very well, as all the MTH steam switchers do.  That was one of the very first products with Protosounds 2.0.  As such it's a 5v system.  I'm not an expert on upgrading so I don't know if you can easily install a 3v board.  You're wise to make sure the battery is healthy before you try to run it.  You might also choose to paint the handrails and driving wheel rims flat black for greater realism, as MTH did on the later reissues.  My $.02.

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Well, it's not too difficult, but does require a bit of work.

You have to pry the white connector shells off the 3V board (except the battery connector) and replace them with the defunct 5V board shells.  Heat helps get the shells off without damaging the board.  Note that you have to take great care NOT to damage the PCB traces on the 3V board getting those shells off.  Press the black 5V shells onto the 3V board, the board is prepped. 

You'll need a different heatsink, or fabricate one from aluminum. 

You have to replace the 9V battery & harness with a 3V battery & harness, or just use a 3V supercap replacement with the connector for the PS/2 battery connector. 

Replace the 16 ohm speaker with a 4 ohm speaker.

Mount the 3V board, plug all the existing harness plugs in (except the 9v battery).

Connect your 3V battery or supercap and you're ready to go.

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