MTH Re-Release of 2-8-0 by SHS

Guys, This was in Doug Peck's Port Lines Hobbies newsletter this morning.  Has anyone else heard this? 


The NASG booth was next to/behind the MTH "end-cap" booth and I had a pleasant chat with Andy from MTH. Andy was very positive about their S line and had mentioned that the re-release of the 2-8-0 was in progress. No details on timing. I did ask Andy about mechanical and electrical updates (refer to my previous posts on the SHS 2-8-0) and he assured me that those issues are being addressed and improved.

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Like the weather, it's been talked about for a while.

Given the 4 years it took to release the F3's, I wouldn't hold my breath.  I recall hearing the similar things for the F3's.

It'll be good when the 2-8-0 finally gets released, but I'd continue breathing for now.   If nothing else, I hope MTH uses black paint, not the 75% black SHS used.


Andy told me the same thing 4 years ago at the Nat'l train show in Cleveland so I wouldn't old my breath. Back then he predicted that it would be out by 2017.

It would be nice, but seeing them blow out freight on eBay for $35 shipped doesn't give me a warm fuzzy that their S business is healthy.


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