Here are some pics and a video of a small Flyer layout that I am building.  It is 6 x 10 and currently plan on incorporating Lionel Fastrack and also their Legacy system.  As MTH comes on the scene, I will probably be adding DCS as well.  So far, this small pike has been the most fun of any layout I have had and I am looking forward to what the future hold for S scale. 





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I say that is a very good start! Everything you have there is a good place to run trains.


However I will say that your engine power foreman will lust after so much power available to assign a train.

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Troy, You have to be chopping at the bit to get some turnouts! The reefers look good behind that challenger. Ben

Ben, I need TO's like Laverne needs Shirley!!!  IMO, Fastrack could also benefit from 1/2 sections of both curves and straits and also larger radius curves as well.   On the positive side, I will have alot of time to plan out sidings, roads, buildings and clearances!!!  I've been doing this little pike differently from my previous methods in that I have no drawings or plans.  What I did instead was use the Fastrack and make a "template" of sorts with 2 x 8 pieces of old masonite on the floor and then just lay-out what looked good to me and the limited track components would allow.  For a small layout, I've really come to like this style of real-time planning.

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Great start! Although I prefer around-the-wall shelf layouts, you have a nice beginning here.



Thanks for the comment.  I always did around-the-walls type fo layouts when i was in O and like them very much.  For this one, I decided to try a table top design and also stay small and portable.  The layout is actually on casters and I can move it as necesary.  The top can break appart into 3 seperate pieces and the the L girder/legs can also seperate.  The other thing that I have found is that by making the legs/frame portable, I can also reuse them if I want to make a larger layout some day. 

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