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@Don Beck posted:

well, OK, got the track now the issues works...the other makes a buzzing/cranking sound like its trying to lift the load...I took the rubber coal off and peered into the body and cant figure out what is going on.  Any ideas?

Yes, it's a motorized crankshaft driven and lever system to raise and lower the coal load. Most likely it is jammed but work case a gear may have split and jammed in the driveline.

You'd have to take the car apart. The way that works, there are 3 scres under the truck at each end that bolt the pivot plate to the plastic body and framework of the hopper. Once you remove the entire truck and pivot plate, then there are 2 more screws holding a plastic bracket and the rubber coal load at each end. Now you can unhook the coal load from the mechanism. Also, the entire motor assembly is also held with 2 more screws near the middle of the car. Just saying, this one is a challenge.


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