New Buildings at Menards!

We've been expecting these, of course.  But at our Menards just down the street the first of three new Woodland Scenics buildings has arrived...the Country Store with Expansion.  It's AWESOME! expected.


All three of the Menards WS buildings have their price tags up...$99.99, each.  I'm sure as the weeks grind on there will be sales/incentives to reduce that.  Nonetheless, this year they're lighted...a + feature.  I'm looking forward to seeing the other two soon...they might even be there this weekend!


...And the Lionel sets, diecast cars (1:43), etc., etc., etc.   Check it all out if you have a Menards close to you.


'The Season' is upon us.


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What! no Pics!

They're on the Woodland Scenics (Their signage) and Menards (Their special signage) websites. 


Hey, I'm not one to be the first kid on the block to pay top dollar for something as soon as it hits the shelf!  I may get one when there's a sale incentive of sorts. 


My biggest problem, however, is 'where would I put this building on an already crowded layout?'  Decisions, decisions, decisions.  Something's got to go, first.


Originally Posted by RickO:

Only the Menards "modern" buildings are listed as lighted.

The three new Woodland Scenics buildings (and presumably the Menard's offerings) all come lighted this year.

I will be ordering all three Woodland Scenics buildings from my dealer today...forgot to do that this past week when I placed my MTH pre-orders.

I ordered Bob's billiards and the bike shop on line yesterday.  They say I should have them by Thursday.  I was late to the game last year and had to hunt for several months before I found all three.  I choose to be among the first this year.  I have already removed lesser buildings to find a home for them.


Christmas comes early this year!


Happy railroading,


I like the bike shop. My first job out of college was as a BSA mechanic in a local motorcycle shop. I wasn't all that good at it, but I still like bikes. I used to know all the words to Arlo Guthrie's motorcycle song, and I still have a vinyl LP of "Blue's Theme" around somewhere. I'll have to see if I can find room for it on the layout. 


The Woodland Scenics building is listed as having interior lighting.  I don't see that on the Menards listing.  Could they be different?



Doug N 



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Originally Posted by Swafford:

Good Day Gentlemen,


The advertisement is incorrect. I have Bob's Billiards Model Number: BR5824  Menards® SKU: 2791956……………….There are no lights!


I purchased this on-line several weeks ago.




That works for me since I am ordering the Woodlands Scenics versions.  

Menards has an ad in the new CTT for the modern Menards store buildings.  They are offering both buildings (main store and garden center) together for $$179.00 at their online site, a savings of $20 over buying them at their store.  The animated figures and doors look O scale while the buildings are very compressed from the real thing.  Still, there are almost no modern era buildings offered in O and this would give you a (sorta) Big Box Store.  Their water tower would go well with them.



I'm going to pass on all but Bob's Billards and the Country Store.  


I love the three prior Woodland Scenics built-ups I have already in my downtown area, and the two Menard's stores look good (and are priced good!) with their animation.  But I have only about six feet of my main street left to fill in.  There is a great corner where Bob's Billards will fit well, but I have a number of scratch built buildings to model - various buildings that are important to me like my oldest boy's business building, etc.  When I measured there is no room left for anything else.


I'll buy the country store on general principles, and find somewhere out in "the country' at the other end of the layout for it. 

Keep this in mind, though, folks if you're eyeing the Woodland Scenics Menards 3 buildings...  While the Menards versions do not have lights, they are priced at $99.99 each, with sales/discounts/incentives yet to come.


However, as of today, November 1, 2012, all Woodland Scenic prices have gone up.  (Must be part of this 'robust economic recovery' I keep hearing/reading about!)


The Woodland Scenics versions...which WILL have lights...are priced (MSRP) at $139.99 for the Emporium, and $149.99 each for the Country Store and Bike Shop.  And, of course, the 'street price' for these will also be less, I'm sure.


Something to think about...



Originally Posted by dkdkrd:

However, as of today, November 1, 2012, all Woodland Scenic prices have gone up.  (Must be part of this 'robust economic recovery' I keep hearing/reading about!)


Yes, this rising prices thing is something new.  


"In store ads are 11% off everything this week."

(Oh, never mind that.)

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