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I searched the forums but didn’t find an answer... I’m just starting to get my feet wet in 0 scale. I’ve picked up a proto scale s2 and my question is what track heights it can run on ( in 2 rail mode obviously). Thanks for any help you can give, and Happy Thanksgiving!

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This assumes you have the scale wheels. For 2-rail track, Atlas-O 2-rail track is Code 148 (.148" rail height), plus they make a couple of turnouts and crossings. Micro Engineering also makes Code 148 2-rail track for O scale, plus Code 125 and Code 100, but you'll have to make your own turnouts and crossings or have them done by a switch maker for the Code 125 an Code 100.

If you have MTH hi-rail wheels, the flanges are cut a hair smaller than the older hi-rail flanges and usually clear on Code 148 track, but turnout guard rails will have issues because the flange back-to-back distance is less than on a scale-wheel configuration (to support the wider hi-rail treads).

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Lemmy, am I right, you are modelling O with 3-rail track?  "I’ve picked up a proto scale s2" poses a few questions for me: a second-hand 2-rail S2 diesel or a Pennsylvania 6-8-6 steam turbine?

Ready-to-run S2 diesel switcher: Lionel or MTH? Either means 3-rail.  Yes, there have been brass-build RTR in 2-rail.  What does it say on the box label?!

'proto scale' could ... could mean very fine scale, also known as Proto:48 or P48?  I would guess this is not. 

Tell us more, you've made a great discovery ... O ... many of us buy something O that is irresistible, then when winter draws in we work out what we'd like to do longer term.  I started with an old Atlas/Roco F9 and scooped up a US Hobbies UP 2-8-0, then a diesel kit.  Built the Kit (all-Nation NW2), but decided on modelling the 70s and swapped the 2-8-0 for a diesel.  The F9 has been good for parts.

O-scale is a great hobby choice ... oh, O-scale is 2-rail, O-gauge is 3-rail ... usually!


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