I stumbled upon this picture recently. One website I found it on was Ohio Memory, the link will be posted below.  I believe the locomotive is NKP 819, former W&LE 6419.  The crane says, known as "The Mountaineer," has "Pittsburgh," written on the back of it.  This leads be to believe it may be down around Brewster or Steubenville Ohio for example.





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Wow that's a big shovel!!!

I didn't realize they made them that big back then.

Thanks for posting that!

Some info that I think is related:

Information from the link in the above post says:

And some info later on in the shovel's history:



These giant shovels, drag lines, and bucket wheel excavators are really buildings that can move.


I've worked with some of the largest road cranes around but never considered them "large" because I saw things like this growing up.

  I've apprenticed building semi- robotic unit machines (25'x35' platforms, 68 drills, clamps etc, for the autoplants) and installed a few loco sized stationary boilers too.

That would've been a "dreamsite" job to just help build it.

I almost sold a collectable Allstate trailer to a guy that makes the tires for the pit dump trucks, etc. Delivery of new tires is a PITA to say the least. (lots of skycrane action there )

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