I have seen many O gauge layouts just as shospicated as the finest HO layouts..

It depends on the time effort and talent in detailing applied and focusing on prototypical operations and accuracy.  HO is no more an art form than O Gauge or O scale.  Modern O and HO are equally authentic these days.  It all depends on the level authenticity that is applied.   This is where clubs excel verses a lone modeler.  Again the fun factor lies with each individual and what level of realism they wish to apply'...  I've had HO and N trains.  O is the most fun to operate and detail as well.... Just my 2 cents..   

As a teen I was modeling in N, but I wanted S but couldn't get any nor had the room.  Then once I got to my mid 20's I went to O and have never looked back.  With how old people in their 20's seem to teens, yes, O is for old men as I got into O as an old man from the view of my teen self.

My first kit was an O gauge Westbrook box car - thought I could build something more realistic to run as part of my Lionel trains.  But as a 12 year old boy, I hadn't yet learned the skills needed to attach a pair of Lionel trucks to a scale model.  Then I switched to HO.

At 77 years old still building still chasing still having fun.  Most of the folks I see and meet in o scale are older. No matter, 2rail or 3rail, just nice people having some fun and remembering the good old days when we were still kids .

Still remember my moms dishes rattling in the cabinets when that steamer came by.

 Wish I could do it all over again!

 All the best to all you old timers young and old, or older

 Run that train blow the whistle, and have some good clean fun!!

 Franky -Ogee

Very sadly, I agree. I am 44-years old and know of only one person under 50 who likes trains like I do. Most younger people (unless they are exposed to the hobby by family, etc.) prefer video games/tech BS. I LOVE my 3-rail O-gauge but will train  shops exist when I am "older?" I hope so....

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