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I have a Legacy & Trainmaster system powered by a ZW-L going out to the tracks using a 2 BPC2 units.  Track 1 is hooked up and powered through throttle A and BPC #1.  Track 2 is attached to the ZW-L and the B throttle, BPC #2 blocks 1,2,3, &4.  Track 4 is attached to the ZW-L and the D throttle & BPC #2 blocks 5, 6, 7, & 8. 

The problem that I'm having is somehow there is a power crossover between Tracks 2 and 4.  If I power just Track 2, both Track 2 & 4 are powered and if I power just Track 4, both tracks 2 & 4 are also powered.

I have a crossover between the tracks 2 & 4 and they are Ross switches.  I thought that perhaps I was causing a problem because I had power drops going from the center of the switches down to the power lines.  However, I disconnected these and still had the same problem.

It almost seems like the BPC that is controlling the two separate block sections is not actually isolating the two tracks.

Has anyone seen a similar problem to what I am having?


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I guess no one is having or had a similar problem to what I am experiencing?  I've been through the BPC2 and ZW-L manuals and reprogrammed both units.  I'm still having the same issue with both tracks being powered by both throttles.

I have noticed that when I power either throttle up I can see the voltage increase on that meter but I'm also seeing some response on the meter of the other throttle.

I don't know but sounds like maybe the tracks are not isolated from one another. Probably not the BPC but the track itself. On tubular track use fiber pins on the center rails where the tracks connect from one block to the other and sometimes I have seen where the track touches just below the pin. That is all it takes to mess things up. Maybe  check your track real carefully. Hope this helps.

Hi Gweedo (love the name),

I'm pretty sure that there is no power crossing over from the switches.  They are Ross and the center rails between the lines are isolated in such a way that you actually have to add power to them to make a crossing move.  I disconnected the power drops between them to make sure there was no power jumping between the lines.  This is really frustrating me as I already have a BPC2 and a CSM2 that are bad. 

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