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Originally posted by Sixshot:
Just as a FYI:

Received the 2012 On30 Annual today.

Another fine issue but I'm not sure if these annuals encourage or intimidate me.



NEVER feel intimidated. This is a hobby and, ultimately, there is only one person to satisfy; YOU! If you admire the work that you see in the magazines, then I have no doubt that you will take the time to learn the skills to get to that goal. Regardless, if you are satisfied with your work and your progress, then the hobby has accomplished its goal.

Model Railroader and crew (Lou Sassi) is coming to my house tomorrow to photograph my On30 layout. Talk about intimidating! On the other hand, they have given me just short of a year to prepare so I have only myself to answer to if it isn't what they wanted [it hasn't changed that much since they photographed it a year ago in the "interview" process]. But, they did ask me my philosophy and, in essence, I said what I said above. This is MY hobby, dern it ...


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