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      Debating on a track plan for an On30 point to point layout and would like some suggestions. Plan on my layout being approx. 3' wide by approx. 10'-11' in length. Would like to design a logging layout with the back section (entire length) raised a few inches using foam board. Would like to keep it somewhat simple. More than likely be using Peco track and switches. Any suggestions or layout plans would be great. Thanks.



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Hm. Neither of those shelf layouts have provision for running around a car. All moves will need to be trailing point. Tough to do when they both also have facing point moves that are needed. 


No runaround means you'll have to be willing to stage cars by hand as needed, instead of receiving cars from a track that's designated as "connection" with another railroad, and doing all car handling via switching with the engine.

Laming: good points.Haven't studied Gum Stump and Horseshoe for a while so have nothing to add. However, Matson's Landing can be expanded into the available space to provide runarounds, to wit: the track to the woods can serve to feed cars into the scene, camouflaged by trees, etc. The track leading to the log dump could support a couple of switches for a runaround at that end. Similarly, the tracks past the engine house on the Valley site could be extended and converted to a runaround, with one leading offstage to a fiddle yard.

As I said, the plan is to be reworked and beat up to suit his needs.

I have been designing a runaround into mine using SCARM. The trouble is I am limited to a shelf layout in either an I or L configuration along two walls in my bedroom. I may wind up using something different than the GS&S as a basis for my route. I am lucky that my Kansas River and Southern has two coaches and a combine for passenger service, a box car, two flatcars and three side-dump ore cars for freight service with two 2-6-0 Moguls for motive power. I have thought about a 3.5 foot x either 6 or 8 foot table too.

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