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Hello All, I found these instructions (picture below) on this forum in regards to wiring this to the ASC2 controller.  If I follow correctly: add a jumper wire where shown in black on the left side of the picture, add wires shown on the right side.

if I do this will the buttons it came with still activate the track?  So this way the buttons still work and the asc2 will activate it at the voltage the asc2 is wired for, say 14 volts.  But if the button is used it will be 18 volts.

If I want to eliminate the magnet from coming one which wires get removed?  For most of these I only need the rails, and I noticed when test running a train over them the magnets on a few wanted to turn on when a train passed over them, not sure why...maybe due to the higher track voltage?

operating track


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  • operating track
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