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Since moving, I’m going to be between layouts for the time being.  Therefore, I’ve reactivated my 20+ year-old modules to satisfy my S-cravings.  Each module is 2x4 feet with extruded foam insulation as a scenic base.  These were built to interface with the CHASM modular layout back when I was a member of CASG.

PC 012821 [2)

The name Packard’s Creek is in honor of S Scale pioneer, Ed Packard of C-D (Cleveland Design) Models fame.

PC 030121 [2)

The modules themselves follow the S-Mod standard with AM code 148 track.  I intended the scenery to be purposely non-spectacular, generic mid-western.  Although, almost any railroad’s equipment would look at home on it.

PC 030121 [7)

Trees are from Woodland Scenics and have had a bit of wanderlust.  They were purchased for use on these modules, then migrated to my former Kansas Grain Belt layout and have now returned home to the modules.  The bridge over the namesake Packard’s Creek is modified from Chooch HO tunnel portals.  Crossing signals were made by the long gone Shilo Signals.

Mod 022421 [6)

Mod 022521 [2)

PC 030121 [3)

As I can run anything on the modules from Gilbert Flyer to the latest Scale offerings, I still have to set up a shelf of some kind for the various power and control options.

The modules are set up in the room where I will likely be building a new layout when the time is right.  They will come down when a new layout arises.  For now, the modules afford a scenic venue for photographs and as a test track.

After about ten months since the Great Plywood Glacier departed, it feels good to have something tangible again, even with its limitations.



Images (6)
  • PC 012821 (2)
  • Mod 022421 (6)
  • PC 030121 (2)
  • PC 030121 (7)
  • PC 030121 (3)
  • Mod 022521 (2)
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@TOKELLY posted:

It also feels good to see something tangible from you, too, Rusty. The only limitation I noticed was the missing sound from the flowing creek. It sure looks like Packard's Creek is running with whatever snow finally melted in mid spring. That's a great effect!


It's been so long since I built these things.  I seem to recall using gloss medium and just letting it flow and settle naturally.  The creek is shallow enough that only one pour was needed.


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