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I just purchased 3 atlas 21” passenger cars. WOW fantastic cars. Have an option on some K-line 21” cars and was wondering about the quality of the cars. I haven’t seen them yet, but was wondering about what to expect. I’m thinking of upgrading from mostly MTH 18” cars.

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I have about 6 sets of k line passenger cars.   Very nice passenger cars.  All aluminum and come with stream lighting which is great lighting for the cars.  Have not had any issues with any of the cars.  You will not be disappointed   Will obviously be much more heavier then MTH 18” ABS and draw some more juice then MTH just FYI

2 of them are 21” and the others are 18”

other then length there are little differences

My friends also have mostly 21 “ and they were the ones whom hooked me on the k line passenger cars.   They look and run great  

Quickly snapped a shot of one of my 21” k line.  One of my favorites

I personally want a couple more lines but my budget says not now.    


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