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"HONGZ" stands for HO scale, N scale, G scale, and Z scale.

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This is a nicely done HO switching layout freelance but with some structures built to the specs of the Canadian Pacific railway early stations and Steam era structures. A small group used to meet most weeks for an operating session. The home is to be sold soon so this layout will be removed very soon. IMG_0618IMG_0619IMG_0620IMG_0621IMG_0622IMG_0623IMG_0624IMG_0625IMG_0632IMG_0633IMG_0634IMG_0637IMG_0638IMG_0639


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The layout is being preserved incorporated into other layouts by other model railroaders in the area. And if you note on the wall are some early Canadian Pacific Blue Prints of buildings that were used to scratch build many of the structures on the layout and these blueprints will be passed along to a historical railway society that will make them available to others to use. Good to see all this work to be preserved for others to use.   

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