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hi everyone i am new to layout construction i anm 90 percent done with bench work and have learned alot on the forum get resource of knowledge i am turning my focus on track plan and wiring  by board in 16 feet by 17 feet  U design with 30 inch walk way in middle  i will be running fastrack  command switches and would love to do 3 loops with sidings and trainyards  now here come the question  do you think i need more power the a zw-l  for just my track   i also have a couple PW zw  for everything else like lights and accessories     

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Divide up the four outputs of the ZW-L the way you see power being used.  If you have three mainlines and then sidings, that might be a logical way to split the four outputs.  You have to divide the power based on the specifics of the layout.

I have a long folded dogbone main of 140 feet of track, that is on one PH180 transformer.  I have a turntable and access loop, that is on one PH180.  I have two smaller track loops that I can either run something on or park trains on, they are on a PH180.  Finally, I have all my sidings in several areas, all of those share one PH180 and the individual tracks are all switched so I can power up only the siding that I want to use.

Here's what it looks like now.


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