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I have a Railking  Great American Circus Ten Wheeler(30-1585-1). I have two loops( no switches) connected to a DCS explorer and a Z1000 brick with a MTH Block and a TVS. The MTH app sees the engine. I can add it delete it and startup. I can turn the headlight and smoke on/off.

The problem is when I try to get it to move. Sometime is will go most of a loop before the power is cut to the track. Sometime it moves a foot, sometime an inch or two, and sometime it doesn't even move before something cuts the power to the two loops. The fuse on the Explorer has not blown. I have "Factory Reset" the engine several times.

Also, a few time I saw a spark between the tender's rear wheels when it stalls.

I have a 30-1755-1(PRR ten wheeler) and a 30-20520-1(Spirit of UP CD70ace). I can run either or both of these on the outer loops for hours without a problem.

I have a 3rd loop that is powered by a Lionel 4090, no command equipment. It will run on it in conventional.

I just tried replacing the Explorer and Z1000 with the 4090 to the Terminal Block for two outer loop. It has run for about five minutes .

Any ideas will be appreciated!


Mark W.






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