Alan - in your recent post (end of July) regarding running afoul of posting copyrighted photos (and I suppose anything else, for that matter), someone asked whether posting links to such photos is problematic - but I didn't see a response.  For example, there are some great RR pictures posted on places like railpictures dot com -- is it permissible to post a link to that site, or to others, or does one need to 'deactivate' the link, like I just did?


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I won't answer for Alan and/or our attorney, but I suspect that posting a link to a site is not a violation of copyright, even if material found on that site may be in violation. A website "link" cannot be copyrighted or otherwise protected; it is just a map for getting from point A to point B.

Not to hijack your thread, Rich... but I was also had a question for Alan arising from that same issue - I, like many, enjoyed threads where we posted pics of real (assuming we own them or have permission to use them) and model items on the same thread - is there any forum where that type of activity would be acceptable???


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