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What I am asking has probably been covered many times, but I would greatly appreciate your comments.  I am interested in buying a Lion Chief 2 Milwaukee Road GP20 switcher.  I want to use it with my cab 1, Legacy, and DCS handhelds.  From what I have read it looks like it shouldn't be a problem?

How are the sounds?  Are they as robust as Legacy?  Performance, will it match other engines close enough to run together when set up as a MU or lashup?  Or would I have to run it with another Lion Chief switcher?  Are the slow speeds good for realistic switcher operations?

I haven't found any other GP20's in TMCC or Legacy and would like to add it to my engine inventory, but am a little worried that it might not fit in?

Thanks for any help you can give.


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Art- I have 2 LC+/ Legacy locos.

one is the 0-6-0t that was released earlier this year. By far one of my favorite locos to run since I got it.

the other is a legacy/ BT SW-1200. This one has a single motor- worm drive that had some issues when I got it. Those were repaired and the engine runs well now. My only complaint is that the drive mechanism is a bit noisy. Not sure what drive is in the GP-20 but it would be worth checking.

Both run with my Cab 1L, or the Lionchief app on my phone. Both have good low speed performance. I don't think you can MU LC's with traditional TMCC or Legacy locos.


Lionel made a Legacy GP20 this year. They're in-stock at Charles Ro and TrainWorld, to name two vendors.

Screenshot 2023-12-15 at 4.09.16 PM

(Source: screenshot of 2023 Big Book.)

My son has a first-generation LC+ GP20. Slow-speed running is good, although every now and again, it's not completely smooth. The sounds are OK, but the horn is noticeably underpowered. The shell is essentially the same as the entry-level GP7/9, but with the slanted, low, short hood, and single, central windshield, so the roof details are not prototypical.


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Art, I like the LionChief Plus steam locos.  But with diesels, my advice would be to spend a little extra and get a full Legacy model.  The back-drivable gearing  and specially-tuned motor control board makes a lot of difference in the performance.  And I'm pretty sure the sound is better, definitely more customizable.  My $.02.

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