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Hello all!  I am in the process of reworking an old transformer for a friend.   It is a Lionel 1073  60w unit.   I have already disassembled it, cleaned it, and dealt with the main problems of replacing the power cord and re-soldering the wire to the lug on the right side post.    Still it is no go.    How likely is it that the circuit breaker is shot? 

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Step !:  Do you have line voltage at the cord terminals/primary terminals?

Step 2: With the cord unplugged, do you have continuity across the plug blades?

Step 3: Do you have any voltage at all across the output terminals?

Step 4: Do you have continuity across the output terminals?

Step 5: As the man said, measure across the circuit breaker terminals for continuity, or jumper it out temporarily.

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Hello again,  I am very new to this forum and I probably put this post in the wrong category.   But, I want to thank those who responded to my question so quickly.    I am still working on that little old 1073 transformer, and it is still dead as a doornail.  Is it possible that someone repaired it with the wrong breaker in the past and cooked the coil?   If that is the case, then it is parts....   Good news is I was given a RW transformer in the original box, and though the power cord is shot, I have opened it up and I have much higher hopes for getting this one operational again!   I will try to get some pics to post of both transformers in progress. 

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