I currently have a subscription to the post-Marc Horovitz Garden Railways. The new editor is the very capable Kent Johnson, partnering with experienced Production Editor, Rene Schweitzer. Some familiar long-time contributors are gone, but the look and substance of the periodical reflect an effort to embrace both electric and live steam operations on reader layouts. The series covering the rehabilitation of Kent's own backyard railroad is detailed and informative. Product reviews are well done and there are ample ads from many familiar manufacturers and suppliers. Founder and long-time editor, Marc Horovitz, even made an appearance in the current issue to evaluate and assist Kent in his own garden railroad "rehab" project. It was nice to see the interaction of these two gentlemen in solving some ballast issues by means of adding cribbing to bridge approaches. The two Diamondhead Steamups in 1996-97 afforded me an opportunity to meet and chat with Marc Horovitz, and see a couple of his own custom live steam models. I am certain his capable stewardship of Garden Railways for 35 years will continue under Mr. Johnson's tenure. The magazine is now published four times a year as a quarterly, and is well worth supporting!


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There is something about a model train running outside that is mesmerizing. 



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My Brother get me a subscription every year for Christmas. Since it is going down in the amount of releases per year si there a difference in the subscription cost? Just wondering if I loose out on two issues per year? I have been getting this magazine since it first appeared, completely different, black and white. I do miss the way Marc Horovitz reviewed the products on each issue, boy was he brutal. Back in the 80's I remember sending Mark some pictures, templates and a how too's on making a tender for a Mammod engine. He was not that nice and returned the info back and vowed never to send in another article to him. 

Does anyone remmember "Steam in the Garden" I went to a couple of his open houses with some trains and steamboats to sail in a small pond.

Funny that you mention the events at Diamondhead MS - am trying to remember if I actually attended the 2nd one as I had my hobby shop then and used to make most of the regional train shows, not as a dealer but just as an enthusiast.  Had forgotten about that time..  :-)

Marc's reviews were critical but accurate for the most part. I personally was glad for the "warts and all" approach so I knew what to expect from a product. He is missed!

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