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Got to enjoy the great weather. Plopped a couple of MTH engines on the rails that have not run in some time. They took right off and did the work to haul the train up the grades.


made a mistake maybe?

I told our grandson to stay in for the picture. He's becoming a ham in front of the camera. Fun times though.



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Thank you for the videos - your track work is really well done. If you don't mind, I wanted to ask which track you are using and how it holds up seasonally. Also, who manufactured the rolling stock. Your trains look great. Thank you.

The track is all Aristocraft stainless with track power using DC Bridgewerks packs.

Edit: it holds up well. Some surface rust that rubs off. Some ties were painted to see if they lasted longer. If you're in the southern climates, you may wish to paint them all to help with the sun rot.

The last video has silver coalporter cars made by AML. The rest behind are MTH.

The first videos have an assortment.

The first are freight are USA trains covered hoppers, then a LGB hopper, Aristo box cars, 2 more LGB hoppers, USA box cars,....

a mix of LGB, USA trains, Aristo, and MTH cars would be the best answer. I also have a few Accucraft 1/32 pass cars in storage.

Amtrak is a LGB Genesis pulling MTH. I need to swap out the couplers on the matching LGB Amtrak cars to use them now. I try and use KD couplers as a standard. I'm just past half way converting stuff. I also put actual roller bearings in the USA cars.

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for anyone considering running toy trains outside....

consider not only what's on your property, but also, what's around you.

Last month I had to deal with the maple tree buds, then the maple seeds, then the maple seed holders, now the blackberries. Urrrggg.


I removed 5 mature and one smaller, maple trees from our lot. One is still there. They are still all around our property. (I bought 2 trees that are less of an issue.)

So before I can run, I have to clear the rails. Last month I removed almost 2 garbage cans worth of maple tree stuff. These blackberries present a special kind of problem from a special kind of neighbor.


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I'll try and get a pic for you. You must know that you are picking the biggest car made to compare with the MTH sized 1/32 engines

I run a mix all the times. I usually put a dedicated lead car up front so I don't notice it so much. I use a MTH dump car for example behind the power.

When our grandson builds a train, I don't have time to pick any cars. He does that for me!

Thank you for responding - sorry I'm late getting back to you. What are your thoughts on lining up the USA TRAINS auto-carriers with the smaller 1:32 MTH locos? Any issues? Do they look like they 'fit' when you mix the two scales?

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