S-Scale Passengers for MTH O Guage Passenger Cars

Does anyone in the forum know where MTH gets thier S-Scale passengers that they put in thier O-Scale passenger cars. I know that they are s scale because I measured one of the standing passengers and it was not o scale. I also noticed that the o scale figures do not fit in the seats without cutting the legs and feet off. That means that the seats in the MTH  passenger cars are S-Scale. Anyone know of a source where we can get the passengers in bulk?

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MTH sells bags of 120 unpainted figures that are smaller than most O figures. The last bag I bought was around $29., from N.Smith Trains. About 85% are sitting, and are comprised of various men, woman, and children. They are dressed in 1940-50s style. I have about 200 in my MTH passenger cars. Painting them was not a problem as long as you use a "assembly line" method.

MTH figures that they put in the passenger cars are different poses and Navy and Army people as well.  They are much smaller than the ones they sell commercially. Maybe someone from Mike's can tell us where they get them. Every time I call there. I get the run around. I gave up. Corporate America at it's finest.

Looking for sitting figures for myRailking passenger cars. Looks like the 1/50 scale figures are a bit too large. Also noted that  1/75 scale sitting figures are sold. Ha nooner had any ecpriance with those?


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