Thank you for posting, Rusty.  There is a story behind the video.  I formerly had a layout up in Ohio but a move to Florida meant the loss of a basement space and the layout was dismantled.  So my favorite locomotive actually was sitting on the shelf waiting to run!  Fortunately, Larry Shughart came to the rescue with his amazing hi-rail S layout.  Larry really does have it all, as Mark says.  I filmed the train in sequences, running clockwise around the layout.  Even so, only about half the layout is visible in the video.  Larry's layout can be visited next year at the 2020 TCA Convention here in Jacksonville.  He also has a terrific O gauge layout in his barn, as well.

Here is my former layout:


Bob Guckian posted:

Rusty , Where did you find the address for Larry's video?  I looked at their club web site but could not find the video. I want to forward to the Miami Valley " S" Gaugers club. 

   Thanks , 

                  Bob G.

I originally found it on the NASG site.  Then located it on YouTube:


Mark, That is a nice video of your former layout!  The CNW reefer right behind the IC switcher reminded me of an HO kit I bought and put together in the late '60s.  It was the same livery, I have long forgotten the manufacturer.  I just remember the old Ambroid airplane glue was all yellowed and the car was falling apart when I dug out the old HO trains I stored away when I moved away from home.  I tossed them since that car and the cheap plastic cars were heat damaged over only a few short years.

Are you going to be able to build another layout in your new home in Jacksonville or participate in a train club, no matter what scale or gauge the trains?

Mark,  Fortunately there are a number of active clubs in this area, including our local Atlantic Coast S Gaugers who take a layout to shows.  Only downside of Florida:  no basements, and the occasional hurricane.   (I grew up in Pittsburgh and my family had a seasonal American Flyer layout in our basement every year from the end of October until early March.)

Pretty much our only choices here for layout space are to dedicate a room in the house (necessitating complicated negotiations with spouse), rent some space, or have a stand alone building like Larry, who replicated a Pennsylvania Dutch barn on his property.  These are some additional photos of Larry's layout:  

I'm not sure exactly what I will do.  I've had an interest in N since my parents gave me a "Postage Stamp" train set back in the 70s.  I think they probably bought it at A.B. Charles in Dormont!  But nothing beats S.  It just feels right.  There might be some exceptions out there, but for many of us who grew up with S as kids, it is hard to get that same feeling from any other gauge!!!

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