i have to now sandpaper my car(s) that i shaved off the rivets. 

2 questions

1. wet or dry and if wet how wet?

2. do you cut the sheets into much smaller sheets and wrap around you finger or is there a better way to use the sandpaper in small areas?

appreciate any suggestions, tips.


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Someone on here once recommended those fingernail sanding sticks, (no need to glue paper to anything), and I picked up a bunch at one of those dollar stores.  They work well in small, narrow areas, and seem to last very well, too.

??Another one of THOSE!!??  What you want to sell is not what I want to buy!

TurtleLinez posted:

Nail files.  The ones you get from Sally's beauty supply last longer than the dollar store ones.  Many different grits available. You can also be entertained by the funny looks you will get when buying a bunch of nail files at Sally's.

Was there last week!

Wet sandpaper is usually in the finer grits.  The water works to keep the paint from clogging the spaces between the abrasives on the paper.  You can cut the sandpaper to whatever shape or size you want.  Would recommend gluing it onto something flat and of such a shape that it will fit into the space you are sanding.  Using your finger is not recommended as it is not flat and will flex on the surface and instead of removing the rivets, you can get dips in the surface while the rivet bumps remain.  Remember that when you sand, you are scratching the surface, the coarser the grit, the bigger the scratches.

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