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What's up everyone...hope everyone is well. I just wanted to share a few photos of a new scrapyard car I'm almost finished with. I've put alot of love into creating this car and I hope everyone likes it...enjoy ✌20190713_08052420190713_08041720190713_08305420190713_08111220190713_08120020190707_140543


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  • 20190713_080524
  • 20190713_080417
  • 20190713_083054
  • 20190713_081112
  • 20190713_081200
  • 20190707_140543
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Joe's work is phenomenal, he's done a few subway cars for me. Some in different color schemes, others weathered and some full of graffiti like the bad ole days. No matter how you slice it, his work is meticulous and done with precision to give a sense realism. You'll be astonished by the work whether subway or freight. Hopefully he'll share some of his other creations. He comes highly recommended. Good stuff Card! Keeping them rolling in! WP

NS6770Fan posted:

Looks great, Joe! It piqued my curiosity that the flatcar had 4 wheel trucks instead of 6. Would these cars be heavy enough to warrant 6 wheel trucks, or are 4 wheel trucks prototypical?

Not sure to be honest but it's only a subway car without the trucks so the weight isnt to heavy for the flat car if that's what your referring to. They ship full subway cars on flat cars similar to this in real life and they only have 4 wheel trucks. It is possible that they may use 6 wheel trucks tho. ✌

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