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Here I am back again, hoping to not aggravate Forum members, with another parts question for my Lionel R27 subway set: in the photo, you can see two black philips head screws that hold down the door gearbox cover.  One of them has red sealant.  When my doors jammed, I unscrewed the cover to get the mechanism moving again.  The screw with the sealant was so hard to unscrew I partially stripped the head.  I want to order some spare screws, but in reviewing the exploded parts diagram on the Lionel website, those particular screws are not listed.  The screws labeled as #14 on the #8027 car, are for the doors themselves, and much smaller than the screws I am looking for.  Does anyone know the size of screw I need?  I would need to know the diameter, length and thread.  I realize I can try to take the measurements myself, but if someone already knows, I can avoid making mistakes in taking the measurements. Thanks in advance for your help.

Lionel R27 interior light


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  • Lionel R27 interior light
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