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brow-mounted, on a small steam locomotive

I don't recall many, if any "small" steam locomotives equipped with Elesco Feedwater Heater systems. The CB&Q had 2-8-2s and 4-6-2s equipped with the Elesco system, but you might not consider them "small". Can you give a better idea of what you consider "small"?

Also, that "brow-mounted" piece is just the heat exchanger bundle housing, while the big steam driven water pump is usually mounted on the Fireman's side (almost as big as a cross compound air compressor).

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Why do you need us to show you a photo? Can't you search Google Images on your own?

There are new restrictions about posting photos here, BTW.

Careful now,,,,,,,,,,one would not want to be too "snarky" towards "Colorado Hirailer", thus upsetting "G3750" again.

First Shay l have seen with one...guess no Heislers?  Indiana Harbor Belt had its well known 0-8-0, and l bashed a smaller Lionel 0-8-0, with an Elesco and flying pump, but just wondered if some shortline or yard had something smaller?  Some roads had some odd steam yard switchers. I was just mulling building a 2-4-0 or such top heavy and bristling with appliances, to pull my ridiculously long combine caboose.p

??Another one of THOSE!!??  What you want to sell is not what I want to buy!

I'm sensing some deja-vu here, wasn't this subject hashed out several years ago?

Anyways, IHB 0-8-0's (and they were fairly large locomotives) and Abitibi Shay aside, about the smallest locomotive the Elesco system was applied to were Maryland and Pennsylvania's 2-8-0's #42 and #43.


I found a LOT of info about the Ma and Pa on the of the two 2-8-0's, good pictures of Muddy Creek Forks, etc .   Now if l could just find a source for coal-fired Vanderbilts for all my locos.  

??Another one of THOSE!!??  What you want to sell is not what I want to buy!

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