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Hi all,

I've been admiring the FAO Schwarz NYC Flyer layout.  This is shown in the American Flyer Displays website.  I don't want to post a link or the pictures since I'm not sure if it is allowed by forum or copyright rules.  

What I can't tell from the pictures or description is what the actual size of this layout is.  Does anyone have information on that.  It doesn't look too wide so I'm guessing somewhere between 6 and 8 feet.

Thanks for any help.

Keep safe,


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The pictures are at The picture from the Buckage collection is very high resolution allowing the track section joints to be seen. Extrapolating from the visible track the width of the track appears to be 80", adding 2"for each side the layout would be 84", or 7' wide. I might be off a bit but feel that 7' is pretty close.

There were some great layouts in all the big stores  in the late 1940's through the 1950's and beyond. Schwarz was great place. Besides Flyer and Lionel , they had Marklin and if I remember right, Twin Trix. I would  go through the Gilbert Hall of Science the Lionel showroom all year, but especially during Christmas.  I saw Gilbert mainenance workers trouble shooting layouts from time to time.FAO Schwarz was the classiest and Macy's the largest.

Herb Wasserman

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