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I would not say subways are not popular.  Growing up as a kid in Fort Wayne Indiana, I did not see a subway.  My first expierience with a subway was when I moved to Chicago in 1980.  Hearing about or seeing pictures of something can spark an interest in some who have never expierienced something.  When you think how much of this country does not have a subway system or even a light rail system, it is not to surprising that very much is done in the mass producing markets.  In my opinion, what has been produced in the way of subway system equipment and what I have seen on the forum utilizing that equipment is fantastic.  Even fantastic does not describe how great the work has been.  But it is the best I can come up with.  The above photo's by bluelineC4 speaks volumes to the quality of materials already in production for subway systems and how to best utilize them.

Originally Posted by Andrew87:
Why are subways not popular?  I know it's hard to get it prototypical because of making the subway tunnels but they seem pretty neat.  Do you know if lionel will be making any new ones

I see you joined this other words "You must be new here"


Should have been around in the early 2000's when O Gauge subways really hit their stride with all the pent-up demand answered by MTH. Every other month the two major magazines featured layouts where you could spot subway cars even if they weren't the main focus of the layout, and MTH over that time period made at least ten unique models (meaning completely new molds for each) and a few additional ones produced with modular tooling (allowing modified doors and windows without cutting entirely new body molds).


Lionel got in late in the game and tried to take the market for themselves with an "exclusive" licensing agreement with the MTA...then proceeded to phone it in with basically two models--a starter-set Metro-North/LIRR set and a premium BMT subway car with slide-in modules to vary doors and windows on one body style. Since then there haven't been any new developments. Which sounds a lot like they structured their agreement so they could interfere with their competition (MTH) using only minimal effort/investment on their own part.



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My idea for a subway system for my layout would be to put a couple of staircase entrances along the sidewalk of my main street and then perhaps play a recording of a subway train going by every once in a while.  I mean, you can't normally see a subway when you're walking along the street, so why go through the bother of building a hidden track in a tunnel??


Now, maybe an "L" line or even a streetcar line,  but those you naturally can see;  they're right in plain sight.


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Originally Posted by AMCDave:

Oh....other one....never mind....

Here in Michigan this is the ONLY SubWay we'll ever see. Heck, just the mention of a GOOD transit system, be sides buses, Put's the "So Called Big 3" in a tizzy. So modeling one is as close as we’ll ever get.

Unless you consider Colman Young’s People mover loop a Transit system. LOL

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