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Alan, thank you for starting and maintaining one of my favorite serial threads.

But c'mon; enough of the studio shots of your work and work area--they are always pristine.

How about a down and dirty photo of a work in progress where the work space is a bit untidy; messy even.  No offense intended.  Some folks are simply uncommonly neat when they work--but not I.

Great work as usual.  Here are a couple pics of the dock area i have been working on for my seatrain lines crane.  Also a fixed crane for the dock area of my just started cement factory.  Still need to finish out fixed crane rigging and details but my hats off to the clam shell bucket kit that crow river sells, its a great piece.




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STUBBYGDA            Looking GOOD!!!  I agree with your comment about CROW RIVER clam shell bucket kit. They suggested I go with the HO version when I described my project to them. I noticed the 9v battery hook up; is the crane movable? Thought I would throw in an idea I came up with maybe someone might find useful. I mounted my crane on a pill bottle; turning the cap to reposition the crane as desired. Really like your buildings also.DSCN0128DSCN0129


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