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That is a beautiful layout with outstanding craftsmanship and creativity everywhere. I especially like the "airplane ride" scene. Was the "New Haven" control tower scratch-built or from a kit?

Putnam Division,

My lawn - which is now mostly brown - could use some green paint too. In my case, the garage floor shows traces of most colors on my layouts. Not quite as good as painting outside but better than doing it in the basement...



My wife loved the train room décor and the beautifully finished benchwork. I loved the blend of postwar and modern trains. We both loved the scenery which featured harmoniously placed structures and an artful balance of track and scenery-something few of us accomplish.

Please let us know if you ever have an open house-the whole forum may attend!

I doubt I’ll get this finished today so here’s a few more in process pics.  I may just start a thread on it when I get done. 
Got the lettering on (huge pain) then weathered it into the rest of the building. Put the windows in, no glass yet. 


Now on to the elevator shaft. This is scratch built from .060 styrene sheets.


I skinned it with “cinderblock”


Broke for lunch at this point so the glue could dry. Need to build the big door and file the corners.

still haven’t figured out how to attach it to the building.... maybe wood blocks or something.





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