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This is located in Rochester, NY. Originally built by the Buffalo, Rochester, and Pittsburgh and later the B&O. Darker ballasted tracks above are the CSX mainline orginally New York Central. The lighter track at the bottom was the B&O, now Rochester Southern. The turntable has been moved about twenty miles south to the Rochester and Genesee Valley Railroad Museum.




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The D&H roundhouse at Oneonta, NY was still in existence when I was last there sometime in the early 1990's.  The company I was working for at the time stored potash in one of the bays of the roundhouse.  A local fertilizer dealer owned the building and some surrounding property and operated his business out of that location.



Google shows only remains now.


See here.

Choochoo Denn:


Thanks for posting the link to that photo!  Sad that they tore it down.  I recollect that it had two extended bays to handle the D&H articulated 4-6-6-4's.  Looking at the photo, they must have been on the end closest to where the buildings are now.  The turntable pit was still there back then too, although they had partially filled it in, for safety reasons, I guess.



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There is, I mean was, or is... not sure if it counts, a CB&Q roundhouse that was converted into a restaurant by Chicagos most famous running back, now its a pub/brewery. Still looks like a roundhouse on the outside.......not sure if that counts. Hotwater, your welcome to add any details.Walter Payton's Roundhouse

Yes it is quite the place, and the food was excellent. Glad to see an aerial shot.

Brewster, Ohio, south of Massillon, is farther west than I would have GUESSED the Wheeling and Lake Erie ran, which I thought was to Cleveland area?  Did the

W&LE run to Toledo, maybe?  Are there any structures/other evidence of the W&LE in the Wheeling area?  And while reviewing the map, I noticed a Conneaut Historical Railroad Museum?  What all is there up in this far northeast corner of Ohio?

I believe that Manly, Iowa roundhouse once belong to Rock Island, not Chicago Great Western.

Manly, Iowa roundhouse (former Chicago-Great Western), near the Iowa Northern Railroad. 


























Also nearby is an old turntable, now basically a swamp-like pond. Still in place, though



I know that the W&LE depot still stands in Kent, Ohio. It is now a feed store, and the current W&LE tracks run next to it. The W&LE yard in East Akron is visible from I-76 and it's possible to see the TT and engine house/repair shop. Not counting the 4-story office building in Brewster (Brewster's only skyscraper), those are the only structures I know of for sure that are still standing. There are probably others, though.  W&LE ran to Toledo over Big 4 trackage. 


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